Access to All

Access to All was founded in 2008 became a partnership with partnership with private and public sector organisations throughout the South East England. Some of these organisations are Enterprise agencies, Colleges, Schools, Local Authorities, Equality Matters, Elevating Success, as well as other voluntary and community organisations to deliver our services.

We are committed to delivering different styles of training, face-to-face consultancy, advice and support to the health and educational sector. We aim to improve life’s chances of individuals, help eradicate negative perceptions regarding disability, provide insight into legal protection and promote awareness of equality issues.

Our experienced, trainers, consultants and advisors, will provide you with extensive knowledge and support of public and private sector practices, we have a tradition of embarking on new paths. The foundation of our work takes Independence, Objectivity, Expertise, and Confidentiality.

What We Do

Our Consultants are experts in business management and organisational development. The team comprises strategists, commercial managers, many of who have held senior positions within the private sector and/or public sector. This enables us to share and deploy best practice tools, techniques and methodologies with our clients. The ability to link commercial and private sector expertise with public sector performance criteria, accountability and governance is a significant strength of our service offering.