Equality Diversity Awareness Workshop

In line with the Equality Act, we are able to offer a half day equality workshop to public and private sector organisations.

This is designed to tackle retention and promote social cohesion at work and raising awareness of the latest legislative rights with the Equality Act.

The workshop consists of 3 hours of enlightenment, distributing further knowledge on different types of discrimination, equality and diversity, giving you an insight into human rights within the workplace.

Outline Of The Programme:
  • The definition of inequal
  • Different types of inequal
  • How to tackle inequality at work
  • Legislation pertaining to equality
  • Need for all staff to receive equality training particularly on induction
  • Facts & figures
  • Strategies to support inequality
  • Recommendations and monitoring equal opportunities

Cost: £69.00

For employers, having a workforce with the right skills and qualifications is not only a requirement in many instances, but is also essential for a successful business. They are designed to help your employees to develop their knowledge and skills required.