Choosing to become a British citizen is an exciting decision, one made by 131,000 people in 2014. However, the decision to become a British citizen or permanent resident is only the start of what can be long and a challenged journey. The application prcoess is complex, time-consuming and expensive.

→ THE LIFE IN THE UK TEST is designed to test your Knowledge of British life and ability to use the English language:
  • Applicants are given 45 minutes to minutes to complete the test
  • The test is made up to 24 multiple-choice questions
  • Questions are chosen at random
  • The pass mark is 75% (18 questions correct out of 24|)
  • Each attempt to pass the test cost £50.00
  • The test is conducted at around 60 Life in the UK Test Centres across the UK
  • Applicants sit the test using a computer, which is provided by the Test Centre